Heroes and Helpers
Heroes and Helpers
Brad Hogg - Patron of The Duchenne Foundation
Friends and supporters of the Duchenne Foundation,
Brad Hogg Patron of the Duchenne Foundation
It is with great pride and humility that I am afforded this role as Patron of the Duchenne Foundation.  

I’m a sportsman.  I have lived many dreams, wearing the baggy green for this great nation, travelling the globe, and playing with and against the world’s best.  How does a man like me even begin to understand what it would be like to be without the full use of my body, strength, and complete control over how I choose to use it?  For that, I am grateful.

I’m a father.  Each day my daughters rise out of bed, make their way through school, develop a wide circle of friends, play sport, dance, and grow.  They have everything they need to be a success - run a marathon, become Prime Minister, marry for love, have children of their own.  Their missed opportunities will be of their own choosing. For that – I am grateful.

I’m a neighbour… I’m the bloke next door with the two kids, a family sedan, a busy job, and an ever growing To-Do list on the fridge.  I don’t get enough time to see my mates as often as I’d like, attend every Dockers game, do the weeding.   And still, I am grateful.

The founders of the Duchenne Foundation are mothers, fathers, siblings, carers, aunts, uncles, and  grandparents.  They are ALL volunteers. They have no office, no staff, little funding, no salaries.   They are tired of being overlooked in the competitive world of funding distribution in their quest to cure this genetic disease.

Duchenne is single-handedly the most common and severe neuromuscular disorder affecting mostly boys and some rare girls.  It’s time they saw some action that affects real outcomes in the homes and lives of those living with Duchenne.  

You can help – in small ways and big. Buy a ticket to their Annual Gala Blue Ball (or knock yourself out and buy a table), make a cash/goods/or services donation, become a sponsor, host a fundraiser … talk to us, we’ll find a million ways in which you can help.

For my part, I humbly accept this role and I very much look forward to working with these amazing Duchennians whose courage, grace, and sheer determination to nurture hope – put them fair and square on my list of heroes.

Batter up…  let’s get some runs on the board for Duchenne!  Who’s with me?






 BRAD HOGG,  Patron.








  • Brad Hogg - Patron of The Duchenne Foundation
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