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Confusion with Actions

If you don’t attend to smoke you get an out of control fire, so it’s not surprising that some 20 odd years ago, we could have prevented the farce created today.   The scrutiny of bowling actions over the last year has caused unwanted conjecture in our game. The to-ing and throwing of players being reported, tested, cleared, reported and retested with their actions is causing me untreatable motion sickness.


The bowler reports of late have now effectively admitted that we have an epidemic of arms over the 15 degree mark, but only a couple of bowlers have been targeted to make a bold and aggressive statement, while several other questionable actions continue without judgement.  It is time now to stamp out the issue for good.


Players with legal actions are being left stranded, unable to break into higher ranks because of the leniency given to bowlers over the last two decades.  Bowlers that are scrutinized have had the goal posts changed after an extended career at the higher levels. Both have been equally treated unfairly.


My recommendation for a solution is to create an anonymous survey about all bowlers that are selected in first class and international squads, whereupon players, umpires and commentators tick ‘yes or no’ if they regard a player to have a suspect action. All players voted to have a suspect action have to be ICC tested within six months after that period.  If they fail the test they either leave the art of trouble or remedy the situation and fix the action.


The offending players should be monitored by video replays comparing the previously tested actions with live match actions on side-by-side screens of the 3rd umpires monitor. If the 3rd umpire sees a discrepancy in comparison, then he can notify the field umpire to warn the bowler that his action is questionable and if it is not tidied up in a hurry he will be on report for a bent arm.


This article is not intended to degrade the players in question, they are not at fault and want to play the game under the laws of the game. The administrators have a care of duty to players that have had their actions scrutinized over this period, and if they can’t be found to find a remedy for their actions to play again, appropriate compensation and support for new careers are in order.


No Balls in cricket should only be applied to Law 24, and not for the administrators of our game – who must show courage and conviction on this issue. 


Brad Hogg throwing out a solution.

  • To-ing and Throwing
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