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It always astounds me that spin on the WACA is always a second thought on the selection panel. Yes it is a bouncy quick wicket, but the Fremantle Doctor and the extra bounce also brings spin into play.  It is one of my favourite places to bowl, not just because it is my home ground, but more importantly the extra bounce and pace makes it difficult for batsman to score. If there is a little turn, it makes batting even harder as it gives the batsman less time to adjust.


In recent travels to Dubai and India, we have seen that Australian spinners have not adjusted to foreign conditions (myself included). The beauty of playing the game around the world in different conditions is asking the question, how adaptable is a player?


Unless Shane Warne was injured, Shane Warne played no matter the pitch conditions, simply because he was adaptable.  If the quicks are putting fear into the opposition and keeping it tight, an accurate front line spinner is going to create more opportunities because batsmen want to take advantage of the so-called less threatening bowler.


If the quicks don’t make early inroads at the WACA, batsmen can establish themselves, stamping their authority, Building an innings will take any attack apart. South Africa are used to the pace and bounce from their home land and have the ability to handle the familiar conditions presented at the WACA.  For the spectactor, spin adds another element to the game, it's entertaining, intriguing and it sorts the men from the boys. 


There isn't a front line spinner in the Australian line-up to disadvantage South Africa in the upcoming first two One Day Internationals in Perth. 


But that said, I hope the Australian pace battery make me eat my words and I am proved wrong, Go Australia.


Leader of the Spinner Party Australia – Brad Hogg.





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