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Welcome to my website.  


It has been a privilege to have represented my country and state in the game of cricket. I have admired the way the fans around the world have enjoyed interacting with me as a player, it is much appreciated the way you have all supported me. I still wake at night hearing the crowd roar when I have taken a wicket.


This website has been created to engage with cricket fans around the world, to create connectivity between the player and the punter.  Written articles, verbal blogs, video blogs and recordings from radio shows and commentary, issues and developments of the game of cricket  will be available for your interest and views. Make sure your responses are clean, but be free to disagree with my point of view.


At 42+ years of age, my journey and love of cricket has been long and sweet.  Over the following six months I am going to give you an insight into being a player specialising in 20/20 cricket wherever I may be ... India is first off the rank in 2013 with the IPL. I will uncover some of the great memories of my recent comeback to the 2011/2012 season playing in various domestic competitions around the world, and will revisit many of the good old days with the finest players in the world.


Most of the content will contain cricket news at the start, but don’t be surprised if a subject from left field arrives as there are many other interests that I enjoy making the odd comment on too.


Activities that I will be participating in such as coaching clinics, radio shows and charity events will be posted to inform all who wish to follow and join in.


In all, the website is designed to be fun and informative, and besides, it stops me twiddling my thumbs between games.


Just Enjoy   




Brad Hogg

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