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BOOK TOUR DATES - Everyone is Welcome!
I'll be touring the great South West WA over the  next two weeks, so please come join me to celebrate the book launch where I'll be sharing a few yarns and good times and signing books.  Tour details ......
During the Aus VS South Africa Test at the WACA, Hoggy spoke with The Cricket Show about the Test, old times, and his new book 'The Wrong'Un'.


This book has been a labour of love over the last 12 months and  has finally hit the shelves in paperback and online versions this week.  It has been a wonderful experience reflecting on my life thus far, and I owe so much gratitude to the impeccable writing talents of Greg Growden - thankyou for your literacy and decoding my Hoggisms into a book that's shaped into a nice little read, even if I do say so myself.  To the crew at Black Inc. thankyou for getting behind the idea and getting Greg involved.  The hard work starts now - can you believe there are eight other cricket title books being released before the end of this year?  My timing has always been ... interesting!  I tried to approach the book as a conversation with a friend, and I hope you enjoy the stories and take comfort that somewhere out there is someone else, dealing with the same things that everyone else does, and manages to get up in the mornings and keep going because there's nothing like aspiring for another great day!   Hoggy.


Available in most Australian Bookstores

Online stockists include Amazon and Booktopia

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